Over the past five years, Healthfuse has delivered more than
$0.5 billion in bottom-line improvements for its clients.

Healthfuse is a different type of vendor management company. We get paid once we deliver cost savings or collections improvement for our clients.

Figure: Healthfuse Drives Value: Healthfuse Value Levers
Figure: Healthfuse Drives Value: Healthfuse Value Levers

Data-Driven, Hands-on Strategy

Ready to transform your hospital revenue cycle operations from good to great? Healthfuse delivers real value through its VendorMetrics application, Vendor Management Office, and Vendor Source platform.

Purpose-built technology automates technical and administrative vendor management functions.

Shared service center is responsible for improving vendor performance outcomes putting insight into action.

Comprehensive research platform enables best practices & benchmarking across a national network of hospitals & vendors.

But more than technology and analytics, Healthfuse offers the actual support to turn data into action.

A Higher Level of Service

Healthfuse offers end-to-end revenue cycle vendor management.
From insight to action, Healthfuse provides hands-on expertise, acting as an extension of the revenue cycle department. Enabled by technology and analytics, Healthfuse drives incremental value for both hospitals and their vendors.

Phase 1: Rapid Impact

Process Auditing

  • Audits 100% of outsourced accounts
  • Financial auditing against contract terms, service level agreements, hospital policies, and state and federal regulations

Inventory Reconciliation

  • Reconciles 100% of vendor inventories
  • Manages vendor timeliness and returns
  • Cross-vendor prevention across vendors month-over-month

Invoice Certification

  • Certifies 100% of vendor invoices
  • Compares to patient accounting system and contract language
  • Duplicate invoice prevention across vendors and month-over-month

Consolidated Reporting

  • Consistent, normalized reporting inclusive of cost and outcome metrics
  • Easily digestible; analyzed to provide actionable insight

Phase 2: Continuous Benefit

Contract Management & Negotiation

  • Management of fees and contractual service level agreements for all revenue cycle contracts
  • Assurance of most favorable pricing and contract terms in comparison to market

Sourcing Support

  • Recommendations of best fit vendors for net new sourcing or replacement strategy
  • Proactive research of solution providers in the market

Coaching & Remediation

  • Diligent meetings with vendors including goal-setting, review of performance, and discussion of process gaps with account level detail

Strategy & Implementation

  • Vendor profiles leveraging VendorMetrics application
  • Development of business case on prospective vendors
  • Implementation support


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