Revenue Cycle Vendor Performance. Delivered.

100% Visibility---The New Imperative.

The vendor intelligence necessary to deliver long-term stability and financial resiliency.

Powering Revenue Cycle Vendor Management Performance

One Platform. One Source of Truth. And Services that Drive Results.

Designed to manage and measure the entire vendor management lifecycle, delivering complete accountability, efficiency, compliance, and bottom-line results.

in bottom-line improvement

in collections and cost-savings in 2020


reduced vendor cost


increased collections

Why Healthfuse

Revenue Cycle Vendor Accountability

The pandemic created a financial crisis for hospitals. Revenue cycle teams had to adapt quickly, redeploying staff and relying on vendors to fill the gaps.

Hold Your Vendors Accountable

Our end-to-end, tech-enabled approach, combined with a dedicated execution team, provides revenue cycle teams with:

  • 100% vendor transparency
  • Accelerated cost savings
  • Improved collections
  • Guaranteed bottom-line results

Develop and Source

Benchmark and Analyze

Vendor data and insights from 3,000+ vendors and hospitals

Negotiate and Implement

Discover and Recover

Invoice dupes and fees and
strengthen contracts and SLAs

Measure and Report

Automate and Reconcile

Inventory, track vendor ROI in real-time dashboards/scorecards

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