The Healthfuse Technology Suite

Healthfuse’s automated suite of technology is comprised of HIPAA-compliant applications complete with interactive dashboards, customizable rules, and actionable analytics.


Audit all accounts
placed with your
collections vendors


Certify all vendor
invoices to recover
inappropriate fees


Identify inventory
imbalances and cross
vendor duplication


Provide revenue cycle
leaders consolidated
vendor reporting

Tools Designed For Every Revenue Cycle

Account Audit

  • Shows the percentage of accounts being worked appropriately by each vendor
  • Breakdown of vendor inventory by account age, balance, and activity
  • Filter to identify trends

Invoice Certification

  • Go beyond contingency fees and build out entire contract structures in one place
  • Customizable rules, including Payment Made Prior to Assignment, Grace Period Violation, Deal Structures, and more
  • View each flagged account detail as you go
  • Easily escalate and send all flagged accounts to your vendors with a single click

Inventory Reconciliation

  • Identify inventory imbalances in minutes
  • Identify cross-vendor duplication
  • Aging analysis identifies unnecessary account holds
  • Payment plan monitoring

Vendor Scorecard

  • Easily track your placements and collections month-to-month
  • Filter by vendor or vendor type to see your collections spend and performance
  • Convenient dashboard to help you understand your cost to collect at a glance