The Healthfuse Program

Healthfuse helps hospitals build, operate, and optimize their revenue cycle vendor management office and guarantees reduced costs and increased collections through a combination of technology & analytics, research, and performance management.

Technology & Analytics

Automates the administrative, technical, and data functions associated with vendor management using a suite of HIPAA-compliant applications with interactive dashboards, customizable rules, and actionable analytics.


Database of 3,000+ vendor profiles and 2,000+ hospital benchmarks used in contract management/negotiation, sourcing/implementation, and strategy (e.g., insource vs. outsource, implementation of new or emerging solutions, etc.).

Advisory Services

Healthfuse’s team of experts optimizes vendor performance by collaborating directly with the provider’s RCM team and their vendors to deliver bottom-line improvement through vendor strategy, coaching, and ongoing performance management.

“Healthfuse has produced results. We have not only found valuable cost savings, but also now spend significantly less time reviewing contracts and recovering invoices, allowing us to return our focus to improving the quality of care we provide.“

Heather Dunn
Chief Revenue Cycle Officer
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“Healthfuse was able to deliver $6.9M in cash factor improvement, brought invaluable expertise, and understood the complexity of our contracts off the bat. We have been thrilled with our partnership.”

Gregory Arnold
Senior Vice President Revenue Cycle
Northshore – Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare

“I never realized how much time I was spending on vendors until I saw what Healthfuse gave me back. Now, anytime we need something new or need to have a tough conversation with a vendor, our first call is to Healthfuse.“

Anthony Escobio
Vice President Revenue Cycle
Tampa General Hospital

“I can’t speak highly enough of the results and the oversight they’ve been able to deliver. I hope you’ll be able to realize the same impact to your revenue cycle.“

David Salsberry
Chief Revenue Officer
Texas Health Resources

“Since engaging Healthfuse, we know exactly how our vendors are performing and how they can improve. We’ve increased collections performance by over 30% since we’ve started.“

Leah Klinke
Vice President Revenue Cycle
WVU Medicine

“We’re so happy to have partnered with Healthfuse. We saw collections increase by $100,000 in just one month.  Their contributions have been tremendous, and they’ve made everything so easy for our team.“

Megan Jordan
Director Revenue Cycle Transformation
OSU Wexner Medical Center